Guided Courses

The benefit of our high-value courses is that you're not on your own. You'll have a friendly, helpful tutor for personal guidance.

Here’s how it works. Take as much time as you need to enjoy the easy-to-follow material. We'll then set some interesting photo-projects based on what you’ve just learned. Return them for helpful comments. If your pictures could be improved in any way we'll say exactly how. Learning like this is so much easier.

When you're happy with the first lesson we'll send the next, and so on. You'll find our approach friendly and helpful, and by the end we hope you consider us as friends rather than teachers. Afterwards you're welcome to continue sending any queries, or nominate any of your pictures for an international audience on our website’s Showcase page.

If all this sounds expensive be ready for a pleasant surprise. It’s reassuring that lessons can be paid for one or two at a time, with no commitment. If you join a course and think a different one might suit you better, switching’s no problem.

Joy 1+
This easy personally guided online course is where your adventure in photography begins. Learn to take great pictures sooner than you expected.

Achieve success at your own pace with a friendly coach guiding you all the way, tailored to your individual needs. A bonus section shows how to master phone cameras.

The ten lessons are only $2.99 (£2.30) for two, and we’re so confident of your success that they may be paid for a pair-at-a-time, without commitment. Click HERE for more details or to join us.

There’s immense pleasure in capturing ‘The Great Outdoors’ from a personal and fresh perspective.

Far from being dull and regimented, our course is for those wanting to learn more about the subject and experience the joys it brings

The five tutorials are just $6.40 (£5.00) each with a free sixth lesson covering picture critiques, or how to evaluate pictures - an essential quality for good photographers Click HERE to join us.

A tailor-made guided course where you set the subject, the pace, and the direction. For all levels, from just improving your photography to going professional.

Doing ‘your own thing’, with the encouragement of a personal coach and without commitment makes this extra-special. To be honest, where else could you find a course quite like this?

By joining now the price is fixed at just $6.40 (£5.99) per month for as long as you wish to continue. Click HERE to join us.

If we’ve missed anything you need to know, just use the free CONTACT form for your query.